Hushpuppi Biography, Net Worth And Interpol Arrest

hushpuppi biography, Hushpuppi Biography, Net Worth And Interpol Arrest

Ray Hushpuppi became an internet sensation ever since he surface to limelight with his extravagant lifestyle. Most of his fans are eager to know his source of wealth, the type of business he does, his age, net worth and where he is from, in this post we will tell you everything you need to know regarding hushpuppi.

hushpuppi biography, Hushpuppi Biography, Net Worth And Interpol Arrest


His biological name is Raymond Igbalodely, he is a popular Nigerian
Philanthropist born 14th June.

Hushpuppi was born and raised in Lagos state, Nigeria and later moved to Malaysia.

The Malaysian big boy became known on media when he and his close friends Classicbaggie and Mompha gave the public something to talk about over their extravagant lifestyle.

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Hushpuppi had a little misunderstanding with his close friend Mompha, Mompha revealed some of hushpuppi secret of which he said hushpuppi’s father is a taxi driver and his mother is a bread seller.

Although, Hushpuppi have never reveal what he does for a living, but says he is a beggar and he use to be a gambler.

With the look of things, Hushpuppi is a real lover and fan of Gucci product which he always flaunt on social media.


The Nigerian based Malaysia big boy have had so many controversies with some Nigerian big boys mostly the big boys in the music industry such as Patoranking, Phyno, Kcee and Ice Prince whom he (Hushpuppi) accuse of putting on fake products.

Hushpuppi once talked about how he sold bottle water to Ice Prince in a traffic when Ice Prince was on his way to the airport to catch up with his flight for a show in Malaysia.

He wrote:

It’s not every time somebody says something about u that u have to jump at them, sometimes just look at the situation and say thank God. This is a very old pic of me taken at Pedro where M.I and d rest used to live by adaranijo market. Let me share a quick motivational story with y’all.

“I remember vividly the day Ice prince was going to Malaysia to perform, he was rushing to the airport in a Toyota Camry eating noodles, they stopped to buy water and I was the one who sold Eva water to them that day and I hailed him, I saw the poster of him going to malaysia on the net and then I had my malaysia visa and was still looking for money for ticket.

“The same malaysia he was paid to go and perform was where I was struggling for money for ticket to go and hustle but glory be to God today him and his “big dawg” need my name on their record to make sales, they need to talk about me to get attention, in a situation like that I’m just supposed to go to church and say THANK YOU GOD.

“Like uncle M.I said to kelly handsome when he was in his prime, Why should I diss em and give them cheap promotion? The same line I’m using to you today while I’m in my prime and see u as a nobody too, but M.I I want u to have faith and hope and be motivated by my story, you too can make it and be big like me. Don’t be frustrated and start misbehaving just yet, hope still dey front for pikin wey no lose hope. U see say we wey dey wear real Patek sef start from Gshock, no worry u go wear Gucci one day.

hushpuppi biography, Hushpuppi Biography, Net Worth And Interpol Arrest

Net Worth Of Hushpuppi

Hushpuppi has fleet of expensive cars which include the latest Rolls Royce and the latest Range Rover. His net worth is estimated to be $20million dollars.

Hushpuppi Interpol Arrest

In June 2020, Hushpuppi alongside his friend Mr Woodbery was arrested by interpol in Dubai.

Hushpuppi and his friend Mr Woodbery were accused of fraud. They were said to have been part of the team that stole $35million Covid-19 palliative that was meant to be for the native Americans.

Social Media Profile

Instagram – @Hushpuppi
Snapchat – @Hushpuppi5

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