A Message To Core Northern Brothers – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former Presidential aide, and self acclaimed ‘ruffler of the feathers’ of president Muhammadu Buhari has written letter to ‘his’ core Northern brothers.

Read Below;

If you can’t stand bitter truth, then stop reading here, because you will get angry and shorten your lifespan by the truth I reveal here. But if, like Shehu Dan Fodio, you know conscience is an open wound that only truth can heal, then read on.

I decided to write you, my core Northern brethren, this open letter after seeing multiple Northern youths jumping into sewers and gutters to celebrate Buhari’s re-election. Ask yourselves what are you celebrating?

In case you do not know, there are 12 million children and youths in Northern Nigeria who do not go to school. Those youths are poor. Extremely poor. The ONLY way they can escape from poverty is via education.

The massive illiteracy in the North is why former President Jonathan built 165 almajiri schools and 9 new universities in the North. How many schools has Buhari built for you? Not one. Not even a nursery. How then can you come out of poverty?

In the last four years, one man, Bishop David Oyedepo, has built more schools than the Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government of Nigeria. Again, do not take my word for it. Go and investigate what I have just written above.

Buhari knows the value of education, so he educated his own children. He also knows the political value of illiteracy, so he leaves your own Northern children uneducated. ALL his kids schooled abroad while 12 million kids roam Northern streets.

I have read al-Quran. The very first verse in the Glorious Quran highlights the importance of education by asking you to read and recite the Message. In Islam, acquisition of knowledge is among the most sacred duties for every individual.

Islam is conducive to knowledge and education. It is left to you my Northern brothers to decide if Muhammadu Buhari, a man who has not built even one school for you, is conducive to education.

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