Ycee Announces His Own Record Label


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Ycee, recently parted ways with his former
record label Tinny Entertainment. This was
confirmed in his tweet while answering a
curious fan.
Although he admitted he wasn’t at Tinny
Entertainment, the new school hip hop star didn’t
reveal what is next move was until recently.
As fans look to him for new music in 2019 the
singer has informed them about the major
changes around him. YCEE in a new post on
social media reveal his new music company

yceee 1327983872 - Ycee Announces His Own Record LabelIt’s been an amazing last 6
years of my life and career and
I will always remain grateful to
Tinny Entertainment for the
opportunity presented to me
by the platform. The label has
come to become like family
and while the business
relationship might have ended,
we will continue to fellowship
as brothers and grown men.
As is usually the case, the end
of one journey marks the
beginning of a new one. I am
more than proud to present to
you all my own label The ANBT
Company. I thank each and
every person that’s aided my
growth to the point I am at
today and look forward to
growing even more from here
on out.

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