Tekno vs Reekado Banks, Who Do You Think Will Be A More Successful Record Label Owner?

It is no longer news that Reekado Banks and
Tekno are the latest bosses in the Nigeria’s
music industry.
Both artistes have moved on from the record
label that made them a big artistes to set up
their own record labels.
Reekado Banks will now be looking forward to
advancing his own music career and that of other
artistes with his “ Banks Music ” record label.
While Tekno will also be making boss moves
with his “ Cartel ” record label by working with
some amazing talents while working as an act.
No doubt, both Reekado Banks and Tekno
would have had series of managerial experience
with their formal bosses and we expect them to
play the game better.
But the truth about life is, not every artistes will
be successful as a record label boss.
Now, based on your knowledge about their
music journey, the question now is
Between Reekado Banks And Tekno, Who Do
You Think Will Be More Successful As A
Record Label Owner?

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