Exclusive Interview With Singer, Smart Drizzy

This morning on Hoodtrends, we had an exclusive interview with singer, Smart Drizzy the “Customer” croner.

See chat below:

Smart Drizzy you are welome to Hoodtrends, Most of your fans will love to hear from you. So we are going to be throwing some questions to you that demand an answer. Here is the first question.

We know you by the name Smart Drizzy, I Guess, Its a stage name. So whats your real name?

Peter Odion Odia

You are from which State in Nigeria?

I am from Edo State, Nigeria

What’s your tribe?


What’s Your Genre of music?

I do Afro-Pop

When did you actually start music?

I started music when I was in secondary school… I got to know I have the talent when I and some friends went into a freestyle competition, then I was into Rap (hip Hop)

Interesting! What actually made you stop rap?

Hahahahaha…….I did not stop rap. I still rap but not for commercials… cause in Nigeria Afro-Pop songs sells better than Rap Songs… I have to give the people what they want to hear.. since I can sing and Rap, I can do any amazing jam to keep my Stand

Tell us about your recent song “Customer”

Customer is the current hit song I’ve done under Update World Entertainment, I actually freestyles the chorus when I was in the studio which turn out to be so nice… so I decided to bring it out to the World.. thank God for Update World Entertainment to help take it Nation Wide and beyond

We will like to know about Update World Entertainment

Well, Update World Entertainment is the label am signed into and its owned by Eddiebanga, he is more like a father to me cause he keeps me motivated and want to work more!!

Which music legend are you looking upto?

Fella Kuti, Lucky Dube, Acon and Lil’ Wayne

Going from your recent updates, we have been seeing you with some big names in the industry like Zoro and the Trending Victor AD. What are you upto?

Well, I will say “just wait for the next big thing”… I won’t open up the next plan, but watch out for what’s going to happen next!! E go shock everybody!!

Wow…I guess your fans cant wait for the next big thing

Me too, I can’t wait to Drop the Banga!!

We will be rounding up this interview section here, But before you go. What do you have to say to your fans?

I will say to all that love good music, good music I will deliver like sweet pizza!! I will advise those that have goals to keep playing the game hard.. they will score soon!! Remain focus 100%.. And also stay connected with your boy Smart Drizzy, I no go fall una hand!! God bless us all

Its Nice having you here on Hoodtrends, We will be glad to see you again in the nearest future

Thanks to Hoodtrends for the love and support. We are family, Just hit me up anytime you need me.

You can follow Smart Drizzy on his social media handles:

Twitter: @smartdrizzy01

Instagram: @smartdrizzymusic

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