Exclusive Interview With Singer & Rapper, Don Caplet


, Exclusive Interview With Singer & Rapper, Don Caplet

Recently on Hoodtrends, we had an exclusive interview with one of Abuja fast rising act, Don Caplet.

Don Caplet who is a graduate of Industrial Physics(Engineering Physics) from Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State was born on August 12th 1992. The singer & rapper has got so many hit tracks to himself, One of which is the recently realeased “Star Boy”

It Was discovered that the singer was among the then Kush Money Boiz.

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Hello Caplet, You are welcome to Hoodtrends

Thank you very much

We do get request message from your fans whenever the name Caplet is hyped on hoodtrends…Most questions point at the angle of knowing who is Caplet.


We will start by asking what’s your real name?

Am James Adah Godday

Where are you from?

I hail from a village called igah okpaya in APA local government area in Benue state Nigeria.

What tribe?


Where do you base?

Am currently based at Old custom qrters f.c.t Abuja

Now tell us, How do you came about the name Don Caplet?

Well the name “Caplet” was scooped out of the popular romeo & Juliet story. From lord Capulet . I just simply created another name by removing the u.
Lol.. It pretty funny. But on the long run I derived another meaning “medicine 2 the game’ Caplet is nw known as a medicine. But befor then it was scooped out from the name Lord Capulet !!

Wow, interesting! Real Medicine is here to cure the industry


What’s your genre of music?

Hahaha…..I do so many genre of music, I do Hip hop, Afropop, Rnb etc. I basically call my type of music da kmcap vibes !!

So you mean you also do highlife?

Yeah basically


We got to know that you were once a member of a musical group called “Kush Money Boiz”. Tell us about the group

Yeah true. “Kush money boiz” was a group that started 2012 comprising of three great Arts Doncaplet (my sef), Yungb and Hendrizzy. later joined by Purpleboy & Miz Viva.. The goal was to create a band that would top the music industry.

We did a lot of songs together. Shows, competition. And yes less I forget we made an album of which unfortunately wasn’t release due to some reasons.

The band is actually on a neutral level or shud I say dissolved level due to change of locations of the band members, Academics pursue, and one or two involvement of the band members.

Are you actually saying the band is no more in existence?

Yeah basically 4 nw yes.

Are other members of the group still into music?

I can’t say for others right now cause I haven’t heard from some of them in a long while now. But for me am fully in the music business.

Are you currently under any Label?

No am not. Just my self music brand ‘Kmcap muzik’

Tell us about your recent released song “Star Boy”

The song “Stay boy” was recorded late 2017. is one of my work which I recorded the same day the beat was made by my producer “Yungpee”. The inspiration came almost immediately & I had to record that same day so as not to loose the vibe.. It tells a story of a boy who as a result of the hustle & struggle, sees that life as star , that greatness As flashes of bright lights & cameras all around him as a superstar.

The sounds n vibes was also inspired by wizkid’s come closer song ft drake.

What motivates you in music?

Music for me is a passion. Is how I express my self in outmost sincerity.. Its a food for the soul. So my biggest motivation is the fact that I can change once life and decision wit my music. And you know na. The kool cash !!! Lol

Who is you mentor?


What’s the worst challenge you have faced in your musical career

The worst challenge have faced & still facing is mainly the financial aspect.
You know as an independent artiste I do so many tins on my own. Ranging from studio session to the promotions & other things which requires money.

I believe that’s a common challenge that most upcoming artist do face

Yeah true.

Which artist in Nigeria will you like to work with?

Davido, wizkid, kizzdaniel, 2baba, Mr Eazi, burnaboy, tekno. And so many of them

That’s to say we have so many good act in the industry

Yeah sure the industry is fully packed with loads of them.

And do you feel you can face the competition in the industry?

The hustle is far fetched.. Am down for any competition 100%

Wow! I see you are determine That’s great

Caplet, we are about to end interview section. But before we go…what did you have to tell ur fans out there?

To my fans out there I wud first of all say God bless you. And for you been my fan am automatically your biggest fan..keep belivin n supportin me. Keep listening to my music. I promise never to disappoint ya all. Blessed !!!

You Can get his recent song “Star boy” Here




Twitter: @DonCaplet

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