Bayern Munich Star Faces 10 Years In Prison After Fighting In A Nightclub


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Bayern Munich player Arturo Vidal could be facing up to ten years behind bars for GBH following his involvement in a nightclub brawl.

The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office have charged the 31-year-old and his younger brother Sandrino.
Prosecutor’s office spokesman Florian Weinzierl confirmed that the indictment of Vidal has been raised to charges of grievous bodily harm – which could land the Chilean a sentence of anywhere between six months and a decade in jail over the September 2017 incident.

Weinzierl said:-

“We accuse him of having hit two people with together with one accomplice.
“Acting in complicity raised the charges from bodily harm to grievously bodily harm.”

The alleged attack occurred on September 16 2017 after he went to Munich’s famous Oktoberfest to celebrate Bayern‘s 4-0 win over Mainz.
Later that evening the reported Manchester United, Chelsea and Juventus target continued the party in the VIP lounge of Crown’s Club.
Eyewitnesses claim that Vidal, Sandrino and their friends were highly intoxicated and soon became aggressive.
The midfielder allegedly threw several glasses to the floor, stood on the table and launched himself at several guests.
He and his entourage then became even more aggressive when security arrived on the scene to try and defuse the situation, and brawl ensued.

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